Are you living with hepatitis C? A cure is available, an exciting new video for the hepatitis C campaign in Australia, is fast nearing completion. Anticipated for a World Hepatitis Day debut later in July, the video is a unique blend of real life and animation that is generating lots of positive buzz prior to its completion.

“We have already had strong interest from different health services and community organisations wanting to see screenings which is quite exciting as the video is still in post-production,” explains MHAHS manager, Barbara Luisi.

The video centres on the experiences of the people from diverse communities living with hepatitis C, their struggles and ultimately their triumph over the virus using the new cure.

“The video is about telling a story with cultural sensitivity at its core. We were interested in exploring how people from diverse communities view hepatitis C, overcome the challenges and explain the new treatments, rather than a straight health information video. It deviates a little from the usual line of storytelling, which is both refreshing and different as well as inclusive,” said Ms Luisi.

Health Promotion Officer, Ally Kerr who coordinated the production with Art Resistance is excited the film is nearing completion.

“It was a challenge, but we had great fun filming the video in different locations. Now we’re getting to the last stages of post-production. We’ve shown it to few people and got some really pleasing results.”

“You’re always a bit worried the first time you show a film before the final edit, but the feedback has been very positive. I think our video has strong cultural sensitivities while providing important information about the new hepatitis C cure,” Ms Kerr said.

MHAHS has released photos of filming on location along with a sneak peek of the animation.

Are you living with hepatitis C? A cure is available is set to be launched mid-July in time for World Hepatitis Day on 28th July. For more information visit or like the Facebook page at