Are you living with hepatitis C? A cure is available video


Bassam is a 40 year old man, who was born in Iraq. He came to Australia in 2013.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C when I was 20 years old. I found out through a routine blood test in Iraq. I don’t really know how I got it, but I think it might have been from a blood transfusion I had as a child.

Chinese (Mandarin):

Ling was 20 years old when she came to Australia from mainland China. She came here with her husband. That was in 2010. While here, she had 2 children.

I first found out I had hepatitis C during my first pregnancy. I was living in Australia, and I was shocked as I didn’t know how I got the virus.


Hanh is in her 60’s. She was born in Vietnam. She and her husband came to Australia as refugees. She has been living here for 32 years.

In 2006, I found out I had hepatitis C after a blood test at my GP. I went to the GP for a general check-up and was offered the hepatitis B vaccination. I asked about testing for other types of hepatitis. When the test for hepatitis C was positive, I was very surprised because I had never felt unwell.

(MHAHS would like to acknowledge the courage of the people whose stories are told in these videos. The stories are drawn from a wide cross section of migrant and refugee experiences. Some actors were used in presenting these stories to protect the identity of the persons who gave us their stories.)

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