The Cultural Support Program (CSP) at the Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub welcomed 57 new Cultural Support Workers (CSWs) during their induction training held in Sydney recently.

The new recruits completed an initial induction training aimed at preparing them for their role within the Cultural Support Program of the Diversity Hub.

The training introduced the CSWs to a range of topics including the NSW health care system, community development, health literacy and in-language resource development, working with the ethnic media as well as providing reflective sessions involving use of art and theatre.

CSWs bring a lot of passion and cultural insights, making our health care system more responsive, said Denise Voros, CSP Coordinator.
“They breathe fresh perspectives into our workforce with their unique experiences and enthusiasm.  They reinvigorate our links with diverse communities and help create a safe environment of mutual trust and partnership between communities and government agencies in NSW,” Ms Voros said.