The Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub of the Sydney Local Health District has welcomed the release of The NSW Plan  for Healthy Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities: 2019-2023.

The new plan aims to ensure people from culturally and linguistcally diverse backgrounds have equitable access to health care services that are culturally responsive, safe and high quality.

There is widespread recognition that we need to do better in caring for the well being of people from diverse communities, according to Barbara Luisi, director of the Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub.

“There is a growing sense of urgency in NSW to do whatever it takes to improve the health care needs of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The new plan will help us to refocus our effort to increase health service access and demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the health of people from diverse cultural backgrounds,” Ms Luisi said
The Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub is currently finalising its own plans to support the new state plan and work more closely with key stakeholders to improve health care access to people from diverse backgrounds across Sydney and South East Local Health Districts.