The MHAHS is undertaking a major re-design of its internal flagship newsletter, the MHAHS News. Set to come into effect in time for the Winter 2018 edition, the new MHAHS News will incorporate a new layout that is more accessible and can carry a variety of online editorial content than before.

The major re-design – the first since its inception in the mid 1990s – comes off the back of numerous MHAHS attempt’s to keep the publication relevant and useful to its workforce. While overall the responses to the publication has been positive, new technologies and new opportunities for even more engagement with the staff is a key factor behind the change.

There will a strong emphasis on producing editions that will provide content that is relevant and useful to our Cultural Support Officers (CSOs), according to MHAHS News editor, Riza Yaman.

“While it is important that the look and feel of our new publication reflects the changing times, the changes that we will make will also put the needs of our CSOs first and help keep our communications open for further engagements,” said Mr Yaman.

The new newsletter will be built on the popular email newsletter building platform MailChimp and will be easier to send and evaluate.

The newsletter had been an important channel of communication for over two decades for the MHAHS.

MHAHS News has carried many kinds of news over the years. It has carried the messages of various MHAHS managers, the arrivals and departures of numerous CSOs across a range of language groups, research and community events. And who can forget the often courageous and personal stories shared by our CSOs. We hope our future editions will only enhance the availability of these elements and make them more accessible,” said Mr Yaman.